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Hardware Components (44)
Large selection of relacement hardware components for  marine, haulage, camping & trailers ETC.
Marine Covers & Accessories (81)
Marine covers & accessories to outfit your pride & joy

Marquee Trade Products (15)
Products specifically made for the Marquee trade.
Standard Plain Advertising Banners (1)
High quality plain advertising banners in many different sizes & colours. Compatible with all forms of vinyl/ PVC banner printing. Best quality at great prices.
Traditional Canvas Tarpaulins (18)
Traditional  Canvas Tarpaulins
Trailer Covers (128)
Hand made to measure high quality covers to fit your trailer model.
Trailer Tent/ Folding Camper Transit Covers (93)
Hand made to measure heavy duty100% waterproof transit covers to fit your trailer tent or folding camper.
Trailer Tent/ Folding Camper Winter Storage Covers (12)
High quality waterproof & breathable winter storage covers hand made to fit your camper.
Transport/Skip Nets (18)

Heavy Duty Transport Nets.

Ideal for preventing light weight debris finding it's way onto the highway while in transit.

Machinery & Plant Covers (7)
Under Cover C.I produce protective & waterproof coverings for all manner of machinery & plant, from mobile generators to cherry picker & scissor lift covers. If you do not see what you want please email with your equirements for a promt response.
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Hand Made Waterproof & Protective Coverings For All Manner Of Purposes