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These tarpaulins are hand made by Under Cover C.I. to industrial and marine grade standards. They are made from brand leading Regentex  rip stop cotton duck/polyester blended canvas material and are available in various weights & colours to suit your application requirements. Chemically treated to resist both rot & mildew. Extensively used in haulage, agriculture, construction, the marine sector etc. Because these covers are constructed from natural fibres they benefit from being breathable whilst remaining waterproof, this offers great advantages when covering such items as crops or boat decks as any moisture underneath the cover is allowed to escape and evaporate naturally, helping to prevent the development of mildew and mould. Also incorporating;
  • Superior rip stop weave for localised tear damage.
  • Non rust brass spur eyelets at 3ft intervals (or spaced to your requirements).
  • Heavy reinforcement at each eyelet & rope point.
  • 2m long 6mm polypropylene ropes at each eye.
  • Heavy marine grade U.V protected thread throughout.
About the Regentex brand.
Regentex is particularly popular for use in the haulage industry to cover awkward and bulky loads. Such applications as protecting steel coils or timber cargo give its users the benefits of light weight but strong useable covering. Additionally its rip-stop weave ensures that any accidental damage can be contained until a repair can be carried out.
Regentex is available in a range of weights from 271 grammes per square metre (8oz per square yard) - to 810 grammes per square metre (24oz per square yard). It has high tensile and tear strengths, approximately twice those of a similar weight of any cotton duck.
Under Cover have two weights available from existing stock with other weights supplied to order
  • Regentex 12. 12 ounce standard weight for all round use.
  • Regentex 16. 16 ounce for the heaviest industrial applications
 Please see our online shop for purchase details.

Please feel free to contact with any queries and please remember that if your size requirement is not listed in our shop or you require a specially tailored cover, we would be very pleased to help.

Hand Made Waterproof & Protective Coverings For All Manner Of Purposes